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Мобильный кардио томограф GE Signa CV/i 1.5 T TwinSpeed 2002 год.

Mobile Cardio Magnet Resonance Imager

Спецификация кардиологической машины Software Packages, Rel. 9.1.03
* Expanded clinical Userpackage „Scantools 9.0“
* Cardio-Package
* Special Cardiac Pulsesequency (CV-1)
* Neuro-Imaging-Package
* MR-Angiography
* Automated contrast-medium-angiography „Smart Angio“
* Echoplaner Radiographic Technique
* IDrive und IDrivePro-Software
* Signa Select TM-Software
* Picture This
* ClariView
* 3D/VOXTOOL-Software
* Real Time FGRE-ET
* Spiral-Imaging
* Real-Time Spiral-Imaging
* FIESTA 2D-Software fur Signa CV/i (CV-3)
* Delayed Enhancement
* IDrive Pro Plus
* ASSET Software
* EchoPlus2000-Package
* Volume-Analysis-Plus Software for the Advantage
Workstation 4.0
* CV Viewer for Advantage Workstation
* CV Flow for Advantage Workstation

* Advantage Workstation 4.0 System Silver Plus with a Color Flat-Panel-Monitor

Consisting of:
1. M80401F Advantage Workstation 4.0 Ultra 1 LCD 18“
2. M80411VA Volume Analysis Plus
3. M80441VR Volume Rendering Plus
4. E90001GA Global Modem

* 172 cm * 208 cm * 216 cm (l * w * h)
* wide flared and short bore
* Magnet weight: approx. 3,8 t

Gradient System:
* 44mT/m
* 200T/m/s rise time
The following Coils are included:
* Quadrature Universal Flex Coil
* Quadrature 3inch Coil
* Quadrature Head Coil
* Quadrature Feet and Knee Coil
* Phased Array Body Flex Coil
* Phased Array CTL Coil
* Phased Array Shoulder Coil (16,5/20 cm)
* Cardiac Array Coil

Documentation via Film: Kodak DryView 8100 dry laser
(film size: 35 x 43 cm)
MOD: 3,5“ Drive / 2,6 GB Capacity
CD: CD-writer present
Data Transfer: The mobile unit has a possibility to transfer
image data to an external IT network. A CAT 5
connection in a close distance to the main
power inlet cabinet is required
Radiation/ protection
The MRI is protected by a HF-cabin completely.
The 5-Gau. line of the MRI goes in the trailer
Trailer Equipment
* Examination Room
* Operation Room
* Patient coating room
* Patient Lift

Описание трейлера кардиологической машины:
Length 13,65 m
Width 2,60 m
Hight 4,00
Min. Space for Operation 15,65 x 3,00 m
An additional forecourt is desirable to make
the patient access to the MRI via the lateral
rolling gate possible. This forecourt doesn't
have to be strengthened particularly
Space requirements 16,20 x 6,00 m
A place need of at least 1 m for all trailer sides
should be available for service work coming up
maintenance and perhaps..
Weight of Trailer 28,5 t
Weight of Tractor 8,5 t

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