Срочная продажа МРТ томографа 1.5T
Sonata Siemens 2004!


Срочная продажа МРТ томографа б/у фирмы Сименс.

Томограф Maestro class 1.5T Sonata Siemens 2004 MRI system.

Gradient performance is:
Max. Amplitude 40 mT/m
Min. Rise Time 200 ms
Max. Slew Rate 200 T/m/s

The software version is VA30.
The software licences include 2D and 3D spectroscopy, multi-voxel spectroscopy, fMRI, breast imaging and biopsy, peripheral vascular imaging, and cardiac imaging.

The original configuration is attached.

The system hardware available is listed below.

8 Channel Head Array Coil
CP Spine Array Coil
CP Neck Array Coil
6 Channel Body Coil Kit
Flex Coil Interface
CP Flex Coil – Large
CP Flex Coil – Small
CP Body Array Array Flex Coil
Peripheral Angiographic Array Coil System
CP Extremity Coil
Shoulder Array Coil
Double Loop Array
CP Breast Array Coil
Loop Flex Coil

Другое оборудование:

Operating Console
PC Keyboard
MR Second Console with keyboard
Syngo Patient Table
Removable table with trolley
Second tabletop with trolley

Patient Comfort Kit
Coil Storage Cart

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