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Предлагаем томограф закрытого типа 2000 Philips Intera 1,5 T Mobile MRI

Магнит: F2000
Градиенты: Power Gradients 30mT/m / Slew Rate 75T/m/ms
SW: релиз 12


1. Head coil,
2. Synerge spine coil,
3. Sense body coil,
4. Knee coil,
5. Wrist coil,
6. TMJ,
7. Sense flex M coil,
8. Sense flex S coil,
9. R1 coil.

Contents of the R12 Upgrade:

• Synergy RF platform with Q channels
• SENSE factor of 6
• ScanTools Pro R12
• SmartExam Brain
• ExamCards
• RapidView reconstructor
• Windows XP host computer
• 23-inch widescreen LCD monitor
• All already installed clinical packages will be upgraded to the latest versions

ScanTools Pro R12:

ScanTools Pro R12 is an advanced clinical package, which incorporates several new features, key
techniques, image quality features and post-processing packages that previously were available only
by purchasing advanced optional packages. ScanTools Pro R12 provides dedicated packages of
optimized examinations for virtually all clinical applications and body regions including:
• Neuro Pro
• Ortho Pro
• Angio Pro
• Body Pro
• Breast Pro
• Onco Pro
• Cardiac Pro
• Pediatric Pro

цена 360 000 евро под ключ


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