Мобильный МРТ томограф.


Томограф мобильный 2005 Philips 1.5T Achieva Mobile MRI

- Software Version 1.8, Pulsar gradients, 33mT/m Gradient Amplitude

- 80 Slew Rate, 8 receiving channels, option for 16

- BW 3 MHz/ channel Direct Digital Sampling

- Coils Include: 8ch Sense Head, Sense Body, Sense Flex M, 8ch Sense Knee, Sense Wrist, Sense Shoulder, Quad Head, C1, C3, Synergy Spine, Sense Cardiac, 7ch Breast

- Software Features Include: Sense (factor 2), SE, modif SE (MSE), IR (STIR, FLAIR, SPIR), FFE, TFE, Dynamic imaging, 3D imaging, MTC, TSE, Drive, Dual IR, EPI (FFE,-EPI, SE-EPI, IR-EPI), max EPI.factor 63, MR-angiography (inflow, PCA, CE, TONE, CENTRA, Q-flow), NeuroPlus Package, CardiacPlus Package, OrthoPlus Package, BodyPlus Package, AngioPlus Package, OncoPlus Package, PediatricPlus Package, Artifact suppression, FLAG, REST, Fold-Over Supression, PEAR, SMART, CLEAR, gating (VCG, PPU, breath), Fat suppression techniques, SPIR, SPAIR, Proset, STIR, Diffusion Imaging, Single shot EPI, ADC- mapping, Body Performance, KeyHole Imaging, THRIVE, 3D Surface rendering, ScanForum, ExamCards, ScanTools, Scanlist, RIS-interface, IHE Scheduled Workflow, Dicom

цена: 456 000$ в наличии


МРТ Томограф – GE Signa 1.0T SmartSpeed 2001
Software Release 9.1.0311b
Gradient Typ: 8915
RF-Amp Typ: Analogic Solid State

Head, Open Breast, Quad Knee, GP Flex, Shoulder Array, Torso Array,
Neurovascular, CTL Array, TMJ Array.

Software Option Keys
Echo Planar Imaging Fast Gradient Echo
Cine Fast Spin Echo & FLAIR
Time of Flight Phase Contrast Vascular Imaging
Three Plane Localizer E3D TOF
FSE-XL Sgdperf
iDrive Functool 2
Voxtool Interactive Vascular Imaging
Ultrashort TR T2 Breathhold
SSFSE MRCP T1 Breathhold

Calumet Model CME 530 ME
Project No: 20440
Chassis: MMT530ME
No of Chassis: 1TKH04228IB094393
год 2002

цена 175 000 евро с установкой и доставкой и подключением. продан


МРТ Томограф 1999 GE Signa 1.0 T HiSpeed

Baujahr: 1999 MRT und Trailer
Magnet: K 4
Software Release: 9.1
Spulen: CTL (Spine), Torso Array, Neurovascular,
Extremity, Flex Coils large and Small, Head Coil
Gradienten: 23mT
Trailer: Calumet Coach

цена 285 000$


МРТ Томограф Siemens Mobile MRI.

Trailer has been produced in 2008. Used .( European version.)Trailer is in new status.
Trailer model: Furgon Carga Seca.
Siemens MRI system.Produced 1992.Upgraded 1996.
Model: Magnetom Impact expert.
Magnet: OR 41.
Magnet is still cold. Helium level per 19-01-2010 75 %.
Coils included.
CP Head.
CP Spine Array.
CP Neck.
Flex small.
Flex large.
Flex Loop.
Flex loop.
Extremity .
CP Extremity.
Flex interface.
Advanced MR Angio.
Advanced 3 D Processing.
Turbo imaging.
Turbo Gradients.
Turbo Spin Echo.
Ultrafast Imaging.
Turbo Flash.
Extended Imaging.
Peripheral Angio.
CV filter.
Flow quatum.
Funct Imaging.
MRI had full maintenance contract OEM.
System can be inspected in full operation.
System is immediately available.

цена: 324 000$


МРТ Томограф 2001 Philips Gyroscan Intera 1.5T power Mobile MRI

System description as promised.
Available now. All c 2001
Housed on a Schmidt Trailer.
System and trailer have comprehensive service records.

Magnet. Actively shielded, light, superconductive, Helium only
Power Gradients. 30mT/m. 0.4ms rise time
Cryocooler. reduces boil off
BO compensation kit. Compensates for moving magnetic objects
Gradient noise reduction
Advanced digital Spectrometer. For interactive/realtime acquisition/display
Power amplifier
Alpha Series computer. 2 x 9 Gbyte disc - 512MB internal memory -64 bit Risc
Archive/ 4.1 Gbytes OD re-writable 35,000 256 images
CD-ROM drive. For software transfer Rapidview. Up to 255 images per second reconstruction as standard
Colour LCD 20.1" High resolution
Sequences. Spin Echo, Echo Gradient x 3 , Inversion recovery + STIR
Artifacts and time saving techniques. PEAR, PPU, Respiratory
Physiological Synchronisation. PPU and respiratory
Image Quality Phantoms. Self evaluation software analysis
Modem. For remote services. ( subject to suitable Service contract)
Coils (12)
Quad Body, Quad Head with RF mirror, Quad Knee
Synergy Platform - Quad Phased array
Synergy Spine, Synergy Body, Synergy Head/neck
Synergy Flex Medium, Synergy Flex Large, Synergy Flex Small
Soft Flexible Circular 17cm
Soft flexible Circular 11cm
Scan Tools 2001
Advanced TSE
Dual Inversion recovery
Balanced FFE
1024 Matrix Acquisition
Fat suppression
Dynamic Imaging and Keyhole
Maximum intensity projection
Artefact and real time reduction Techniques
Picture Plus
Volume imaging and Multi- Planar-Reformation - Real time interactive
MR Angiography - inflow. Phase contrast and contrast enhanced technique
Comprehensive Angiography package
Pro-set - water/fat imaging
Body MRA
Music Option
Patient Head set and accessories
ECG Triggering and gating
Additional 1024 MByte Reconstructor memory
Hard Copy - DICOM print point to point
network interface
DICOM interface
Patient observation system

цена: 365 000$



Siemens Symphony Magnetom 1.5T
Host serial Syngo ver VD20N
Installed 29th Jan 2001
Full service history from Siemens
CP Body Array
CP Extremity
CP Flex Large
CP Flex Small
CP Head Array
CP Neck Array
CP PA Array
CP Spine Array
Double Loop Array (left)
Double Loop Array (right)
Shoulder Array (small cup)
Breast Array
Loop Array Small
Loop Array Large
DICOM Network
Kodak Dryview 8100 Laser printer
Twin axle, 14mtr long x 2.6mtr wide. Maintained by AKS.
Side patient lift and side steps.

цена: 340 000$


МРТ Томограф Siemens Magnetom Harmony 1.0T MRI in trailer

Год выпуска 2000
Апгрейд сделан 2005
Магнит OR24
Градиенты турбо 20mT/m, 25mT/m/s

цена: 321 000$


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