Открытый томограф Hitachi AIRIS-II 2004


Hitachi AIRIS-II 2004куплю томограф Hitachi AIRISII

Gantry with 0.3T permanent magnet with vertical magnetic field
-Gantry size 2366 mm x 1634 mm x 1738 mm
-Aperture opening 210o in front of 70o in back side
-Aperture dimension 1000 x 380 mm
-Weight 10,000 kg (magnetic circuit 9.800 kg)
- Eddy-current-free magnetic circui
-Gradient system 15 mT/m, slew rate 30T/m/s
-RF transmission and reception system 5 kW, 4 channel output
-Active decoupling
-Field-of-view range 50-350 mm

Workstation type Control Console
-RISC type host Computer, Ultra Axi, 64 bit
-Image processor
-3.5"/9.1 GB hard disk
-5.25"/2.6 GB Optical disk unit
- 18" Flat screen monitor

Patient Table
- Fully motor driven dual speed vertical, longitudinal and lateral movement
- Vertical movement 450 - 770 mm
- Lateral movement + 100 mm
- Patient table length 2350 mm
- Patient table with 830 mm Table top 800 mm
- Patient positioning wit h3 Axis laser marker (class II)
- Maximum Patient Weight 180 kg

- MR-QHC-61 QD Head Coil
- MR-JC-53 Joint/Neck Coil
- MR-QFC-624N QD Flexible Body Coil (Medium)
- MR-QFC-634N QD Flexible Body Coil (Large)
- MR-QKC-61
- MR-QWC-61
- QD Knee Coil
- QD Wrist Coil
- MR-JC-52 loint Coil (Small)
- MR-JCL-62

Joint Coil (Large)
- MR Angio TOF
- Fat Sep
- Balanced SARGE and Driven Equilibrium FSE
Aflevering Med ico
- EJPI / ssDWI & msDWI
- ADC mapping
- Trace Imaging
- DICOM Print
- Remote Service Software

Remote Service Modem
DrcoM r/f
Gating Function Package
ECG Gating
Pulse Gating
Respiratory Gating
Fast Scan Package
- High Resolution Fast Spin Echo/Fast IR
- Dual Slice Package

Standard Accessories
- Filter box, calibration phantom, table mattress,
1 stk. Noglef?rdigt RF afsk?rmet scannerum, Intercom Speaker
1 stk. Sony filmstation 35 x 43 cm.

цена 199 000 евро доставка до Москвы и растаможка.


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