Разное оборудование, рентген аппарат.


Цена без учета растаможки и доставки.


1. Цифровой Рентген New Swiss Xray Digital Floor mounted DDR MULTI C-arm system.

Floor mounted C-arm.
Focus Detector distance ( FFD) 150 cm Fix.
Distance central beam to floor 450 mm- 1950 mm in horizontal position.
Add-on Bucky.
Max image size 35 x 43 cm or 43 x 35 cm.
Acquisition display time 20 seconds.Digitalisation 4096 grey levels 12 Bit.
Rosolution. 3 lp/mm 170 microns pixel size.Removable grid.
Solid state 3 field measuring chamber.
X-ray generator GEN X-2000/4000 Highliner. 80 Kw High frequency technology.Swiss 1-2-3 poin anatomical program
X-ray tube SRX 21 HS 1.Motorizid collimator with field indicator.
Mobile Patient Table DDR.Seize 2150 L x 675 W mm.Height 700 H mm..Weight 53 Kg.Max load according IEC
601-1Dual brake system.
Swiss Vision workstation.IBM compatible workstation.Intel Pentium Processor 450 Mhz.
Software SwissVision ddR incl post processing SW and patient folder.Windows NT.
Monitor: 21 Monitor 1280 x 1024 Pixel.
Interfacing External SCSI interfacing CD-R.R/W.
Windows compatible printer.
Dicom 3.0 by merge interface.Dicom basic printer class.
Dicom storage class.
Dicom query/retrieve class.Hl-7 Admission.Dicom work management.
System is 8 years old but BRAND NEW & NEVER USED.Will be shipped in orginal Swiss packing /boxes.
System is immediatel available.

цена: 50 000$


2. Siemens Siremobil compact.23 cm/220v 50 Hz 110 KV.20 mA.

Date of manufacturing 1997.
Image intensifiier Sirecon 2.
Software version 2H.
2 Monitors.Simomed N 44 cm.625 lines/100 Hz.
Sirecon 23-2 HDR-C laser light Localizers.
Universal keyboard.
Software options included:
Tube sirephos.
Focus 0,6 mm.Incl Diamentor C.
Memoscope 700 Matrix. 512.
System has OEM service contract.
System is in excellent condition.
System is immediately available.

цена: 48 000$


3. Рентген 1999 Philips Diagnost Digital VS X-Ray

Radiographic/Fluoroscopic 60 Hz For Sale
- 1999 Tube - Philips Chest System - Generator: Optimus 80 (HF, 3Phase)
- PDU Unit, CS Overhead Tube Crane - Auto Collimator -...
Digital Detector is missin.

цена: 13 000$ как есть
$145,000 с новым цифровым детектором


4. Рентген 2002 Other Liebel-Flarsheim Hydrajust Plus X-Ray

Radiographic/Fluoroscopic For Sale
- 65kW High Frequency Generator - 16 Inch Quad Mode Image Intensifier - Elevating Table - Standard Load System - Dual High Resolution...
In stock. Professionally deinstlaled Urology suite.

цена: 22 000$


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